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ODD Photos from the WTC tower on 9/11

Photo to the left shows a fireball at the top of the smoke. If the buildings collapsed on their own weight, what could have caused this?

Picture below right, shows a whirlwind of smoke apparently coming UP from ground level. What caused this?

smoke first tower

wtc tower 911 planepicture 911 planepicture2 911 planepicture3 911 picture
What is the bright spot in the middle of this explosion? I have a closeup above right.
Do these photos look like the building just fell down, or EXPLODED ?

911 planepicture4 wtc 911 plane photo
Above right, helicopter between wtc buildings.

911 planephoto wtc 911 photo

What is this object? debris from falling objects ?

911 wtc photo hereisnewyork tower 2 hereisnewyork tower

911 photo

most photos are from hereisnewyork.org

What are these objects exiting the tower?
I did some closeups...

911plane 911 planephoto

wtccrash crash

The photos below i had framed out from the Naudet video footage. Taken just as the plane hit the South tower.

911crash plane tower

Also see...



enhanced photos of helicopters around the WTC on 911

closeup video frames and still photos at the point of impact.
911 Video stills south tower flight 175

several photos of the plane seconds before it hit the tower.

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